Man and woman charged in Killarney District Court with over 200 offences involving 5 children

A man and a woman have been brought before a court in Killarney charged with over 200 offences involving a total of five children.

Killarney District Court heard that the garda investigation had taken place over three years.

The court was told in a hearing that took almost an hour, that the investigation involved a number of locations and the matters alleged were very serious and the alleged harm grave.

The man and woman are in their forties.

The matter has been adjourned to next Tuesday for the book of evidence.

Strict reporting restrictions have been imposed so as not to identify any of the parties.

Sergeant Bridget Foley gave evidence of arresting the man this morning to charge him with offences for sexual assault and child cruelty.

The man’s accused of 112 counts  in the case of one child – including  seventeen counts of rape, seventeen counts of aggressive sexual assault, and 16 counts of sexual assault.

There were five counts of sexual exploitation under the Child Trafficking and Pornographic Act and one count of a threat to kill.

The man is facing 22 counts of neglect involving four other children.

The age range of the children at the outset of some of the alleged offences was very young, the court heard.

Sgt Foley said the state was objecting to bail in his case because of the “very very serious charges”.
The man’s solicitor Nuala Liston said the man had not left the jurisdiction since first interviewed; he had no current passport, no convictions and had “a blemish free character”, Ms Liston said.

Judge David Waters said he was granting bail but with quite strict conditions given the seriousness of the alleged offences.

The conditions are that he must sign on daily at garda station, surrender all travel documentation and make no contact with  the alleged victims or with witnesses.

The man is to reside at an address handed into court.

Sgt Foley, called by Sgt Miriam Mulhall Nolan, gave evidence of the woman’s arrest today for 79 offences including sexual assault and child cruelty.
The allegations include some 16 counts of sexual assault; five of sexual exploitation and 36 of child neglect in the case of one child; and there are 22 counts of child neglect involving four children.
There was no objection to bail in the case of the woman, but conditions were being sought, Sgt Foley said.
Conditions similar to that of the accused man were imposed by Judge Waters.