Major solid fuel supplier says smoky coal ban extension is welcome but ineffective

A major solid fuel supplier says while the extension of the smoky coal ban is welcome, it’s ineffective.

Minister for the Environment, Eamon Ryan recently signed new restrictions banning the burning, marketing, and selling of smoky coal in 13 towns with populations over 10,000 people, including Killarney; smoky coal has been banned in Tralee since 2003.

CPL, the largest solid fuel supplier in the State, says while this is good news, it’ll be ineffective.

The company says towns like Listowel, with a population of just under 5,000, remains unprotected from smoky coal and air pollution, and this underlines the need for a complete ban across the country.

CPL also says a national ban needs to be implemented as soon as possible, or many Irish jobs will be placed in jeopardy.