Live Register figures are down slightly in Kerry

The number of people signing on The Live Register in the county is down, but not by as much as the rest of the country. All counties experienced a month on month decrease with the largest in the West and Mid-West, and the lowest decreases in the South West and Dublin. In September of this year there were just over 5 thousand 7 hundred people signing on the Live Register in Kerry. This is just a slight increase of 1 per cent on last year’s figure The month on month statistics show that county wide the number of people unemployed has decreased by over 6 and a half percent. A closer look at the figures shows that some parts of the county are doing even better the number of those on the live register in Killorglin dropped by 8 per cent while the figure in Listowel feel by 9 per cent. However it’s not all good news Killarney, Killorglin and Tralee all experienced year on year increases. Killarney in particular stands out with 5 per cent more people unemployed in the town than this time last year.