Listowel woman wants to meet Health Minister following death of husband after delayed diagnosis

The wife of a Listowel man who died following a delayed diagnosis at University Hospital Kerry wants to meet the Health Minister.

Tony Hannon was among 11 patients who suffered a delayed diagnosis due to X-ray and scan failures at UHK.

He passed away in recent weeks.

A HSE review found that scans of eleven patients were misread by a locum radiologist, who no longer works at the hospital.

These people suffered delayed diagnoses which had a serious impact on their health; and it is understood that six people have now died as a result.

Tony’s wife Marcella says his diagnosis was delayed by 51 weeks.

She wants an apology, but doesn’t believe she will receive one.

She says the HSE don’t want to learn from their mistakes; Mrs Hannon says if they did, they would come down to Kerry and see the devastation they leave behind by the death of her husband and others.

Mrs Hannon says people lost husbands, parents, siblings and friends – and no one has been held accountable.

Marcella Hannon wants to meet Minister for Health Simon Harris and show him the conditions that Tony was forced to live in before his death.