Listowel town plan may have to be revisited to ensure enough land zoned

Councillors have agreed to vary the Listowel Town Development Plan.

The issue came before Kerry County Council’s monthly meeting for adoption, and after much debate and many questions by councillors, they agreed to the plan.

Concerns had been raised as to whether there was enough land zoned for industrial and commercial use in Listowel, and about this land being in private ownership.

Listowel councillors said they’d come under huge pressure in recent weeks because of the plan and there had been a lot of confusion in Listowel about it.

Management assured members that if the need arose for more zoned land, they could alter the plan, or they could also materially contravene the County Development Plan.

Director of Services, Michael Scannell said in creating a new County Development Plan, new growth patterns will emerge and they may have to re-visit the town plan to ensure they’ve enough land zoned.

Councillors from outside the Listowel MD felt it was unfair they should be voting on an issue they weren’t fully aware of, however legislation requires the plan to come before the full county council meeting.

There was also criticism of the Planning Regulator, who had made a submission during the public consultation process; some councillors felts the regulator was dictating to them.