Listowel Town Council to discuss graveyard flooding

Claims of flooding at a graveyard in Listowel is to be discussed at the monthly meeting of Listowel Town Council. A committee in Listowel has been set up following allegations that newly dug graves are being flooded with water because of an inadequate system. This committee is describing the current situation as unsatisfactory. They say it`s causing great distress to families of the bereaved who s loved ones are being put to rest in flooded graves.Headed by Michael O Sullivan they want to know whether planners and engineers who sanctioned this site did so in accordance with the burial grounds acts. They are looking for an account to be kept of the allocation of funds received yearly for the maintenance of the burial ground. Councillors attended a meeting of the committee two weeks ago where the group aired their concerns. It`s expected the matter will be discussed by Councillors at tonight`s meeting of Listowel Town Council.