Listowel Town Council refuses to appoint part time litter warden.

Members of Listowel Town Council have gone against the advice of management and refused to appoint a part time litter and traffic warden. There’s currently just one full time warden in Listowel and council members have been told that there’s no-one on staff within the council to relieve that warden. 10,000 euro had been set aside in the town budget for the provision of a part time traffic and litter warden.Strong opposition from Cllr Ned O Sullivan who said he believed the town did not need any extra staff for the council this year and that the opportunity for the post could be discussed again next year. Cllr Jackie Barrett was in favour of the position being created. She said a lot of work went into the job which in effect was 2 jobs, not inclusive of paper work.The town manager agreed and insisted that the position would allow the current warden sufficient time off and went on to say that people were aware when the traffic warden was away as revenue for parking in the town was down. However when the motion came up for debate members rejected the proposal 6 to 1. 3,000 euro of the funding is to go toward a smaller bin charge, with the remaining 7,000 towards the cost of rates in the town.