Listowel Municipal District pass Draft Budgetary Plan for 2018

    The Listowel Municipal District has passed its Draft Budgetary Plan for 2018.

    However, councillors raised a number issues prior to approval of the plan.

    Members of the Listowel Municipal District queried a number of items for consideration in the Draft Budgetary Plan for 2018.

    €20,000 was allocated to Town Development Projects, however, the exact nature of the initiative was queried.

    Issues relating to hedge cutting, staffing levels and the district’s proportion of county funding were also raised.

    €50,000 has been allocated towards Rural and Village Development, €63,000 will go to Community Support initiatives, while councillor allocations will be €29,000 for the year ahead.

    A draft budget of €336,000 was approved, with potential for a further €200,000 through grant aid, bringing the total to €536,000.

    The Draft Budgetary Plan for 2018 was adopted unanimously be members.