Limerick man thanks GP who saved his life in Killarney

A Limerick man has spoken to the GP who helped saved his life in Killarney for the first time.

In April, Richard Harris from Bruree, Co Limerick, who was visiting family, was walking on the Rock Road when he collapsed and suffered a heart attack.

Dr Darragh O’Neill, a GP from Co Louth, was in the town to attend the Irish Medical Organisation conference and was stuck in a traffic jam when he saw Mr Harris get into difficulty.

Along with help from his daughter and Teresa Clifford, a nurse who happened to be leaving work in Killarney Community Hospital, Dr O’Neill used CPR and a defibrillator to save Mr Harris.

Louise Devaney began compressions on Mr Harris and helped Dr O’Neill until the ambulance arrived.

Richard Harris, who later underwent surgery in Cork, told Jerry O’Sullivan on Kerry Today he is now back to normal:


Dr Darragh O’Neill said he would be happy to take Mr Harris up on the offer to return to Killarney and use the opportunity to host a CPR training day.

Dr O’Neill says people knowing CPR and how to use a defibrillator can hugely increase the chances of a person suffering a heart attack surviving: