Lesbian couples from Southern region apply to adopt children from abroad

It`s emerged that two lesbian couples from the HSE Southern Region have applied to adopt a child from abroad. Its one of the first cases of its kind to be dealt with by the Adoption Authority of Ireland. According to the guidelines given by the adoption authority to the southern area, there is no barrier to these couples being granted approval to adopt.In a statement the HSE southern area says they will not make an adoption order unless satisfied that the applicant or applicants is of good moral character, has sufficient means to support the child and is a suitable person to have parental rights and duties in respect of a child. There is no mention in the requirements as to what orientation the person or person’s are.Two Gay people in the eastern region of the HSE are the final stages of being assessed for approval. In Britain political moves to allow adoption by Gay couples was knocked back after widespread public debate. If these applications in the Kerry and Cork region get approval, we could be one of the places in the British Isles to allow adoption by Gay couples.