Large levie discrepancies found between counties

Kerry County Council is number two on a list of the lowest development levies charges. The highest levies charged were 116 euro 55 cent and 110 euro per square metre in Limerick County and Dublin City councils respectively. The survey found large discrepancies between counties and their levies.The survey under taken by the Chambers of Commerce of Ireland points out the annual cost of these levies to the industry is between 500 and 700 million euro, a 300 to 400% increase across the country. The Chamber says the high levies in some counties is a certain deterrent for industries to build there. The organisation is calling for a cross county formula for calculating development levies across the 34 local authorities.The survey sites that Kerry County Council has 12 different categories of development while Cork has just two. IBEC says the lack of consistency between counties could result in councils shooting themselves in the foot by imposing high charges and turning off investors.