Lands at Cleeny roundabout to be rezoned.

A proposal to rezone lands at Cleeny roundabout in Killarney has been passed by members of the town council. A decision on the matter was deferred last month after concern was expressed about the likely height of any development. 6 of the members supported a renewed wording from the town planner who suggested certain height restrictions.Cllrs Sheila Dixon and Pat F O`Connor voted against the rezoning proposal after claiming they were approached by an intermediary acting for the developers and asked if they had a personal issue with them. Cllr O Connor said he was asked the same question by a member of the media. He says while he has nothing against the particular developer he just does not like the proposal as it is out of character with the area.Cllr Dixon said councillors must be allowed to make decisions based on issues and not a desire to know builders. The area to be rezoned is at the approach to Killarney from Tralee at the Cleeny roundabout. Town planner Fiona O Sullivan told members it`s difficult to impose a height restriction at rezoning stage as this is usually done in the planning phase. However it was agreed that the rezoning would include certain height restrictions and there would be an emphasis on high architectural quality.