Lack of capacity in Kenmare Wastewater Treatment Plant highlighted again by An Bord Pleanála

A lack of capacity in the Kenmare Wastewater Treatment Plant has again been highlighted by An Bord Pleanála.

Planning permission for the construction of 50 houses in The Parsonage, Bell Height, Kenmare, had been approved by Kerry County Council, subject to conditions.

The developer, Dolent Properties Ltd., had appealed the imposition of the conditions to An Bord Pleanála.

Kerry County Council imposed a number of conditions when approving planning permission.

It stated that no connection to the public foul sewerage system shall be permitted until the necessary upgrade works to the treatment plant are completed; the developer appealed this.

Dolent Properties Ltd. considered the preclusion of connection until the upgrade works have been completed as restrictive and outside the remit of the planning authority.

They cited a feasibility letter from Irish Water, which states the proposed connection can be facilitated, subject to a valid agreement being put in place.

An Bord Pleanála refused the appeal, saying it is clear the town’s system is not capable of accommodating the development and, whilst plans for its upgrade are in train, no application has yet been made.

Earlier this month, permission for a 10-motorhome park was refused on similar grounds, while last July, an Environmental Protection Agency report showed the plant was “significantly overloaded” and was struggling to deal with the volume of wastewater.