Lá an Dreolín – Wren’s Day – gets underway in Dingle today

The Green & Gold Wren on Green Street (Sráid an Doirín) ar an Dreolín in Dingle last year. Photo by Marian O'Flaherty
The Wrenboys will be out in force in Dingle today.
Wran’s Day – or Lá an Dreolín – will see wrens from different parts on the town will see the streets come to life with music and colour.
The ‘Wran’s will also collect money for charity throughout the day.
Marian O’Flaherty reports:


Lá an Dreolín will see hundreds line the streets to witness this colourful and musical spectacle in Dingle.
The St Stephen’s practice centres the Wren – the bird said to have betrayed St. Stephen, the first Christian martyr.
Musicians march wearing straw ‘rigs’ – which take months to hand weave – wearing colourful costumes, indicative of the Wren they represent.
The action normally gets underway around midday.
The Green and Gold Wren HQ is in O’Flaherty’s Pub; among their ranks is legendary broadcaster Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh.
Blue and white are the colours of the Sráid Eoin Wren while The Quay Wren wear green and white.
The Goat Street Wren meanwhile wear red and white.
Other Wrens congregate in Dingle, with wrens also taking place in Lios Póil, Clochán – Bréannan and along with Dreolín Dhún Chaoin.
Green and Gold Strawboy Trevis Gleason, who moved to Dingle from Seattle, said he’s been bestowed with a unique honour.