Killgarvan comes to terms with second tragedy.

The local community in Killgarvan is today coming to terms with the 2nd tragedy to hit the area in less than 2 weeks.8 year old Benjamin Cunnane lost his life in a river accident on Saturday. It follows the death of 80 year old Mary o’sullivan at the end of January. The accident on Saturday took place near Bantry in the Borlin valley. 8 year old Benjamin Cunnane from Crossmount in Killgarvan was with his father Gerry and a group of men at the time of the accident. It`s understood the men were working on a turbine in the area. The boy’s body was removed to Bantry Hospital where he was pronounced dead around 5pm.His funeral will take place tomorrow. The local community are said to be shocked and saddened by the boy’s death. It`s the 2nd tragedy to hit Killgarvan in less than 2weeks.On the 26th of January 80 year old Mary o’sullivan burned to death after her clothes caught fire.