Killarney Town Manager recommends construction of Town Hall.

The Town Manager in Killarney has recommended the construction of a new town hall. In a report presented to cllrs Tom Curran set out 6 possible sites and identified the one he considered the most viable. Cllrs in Killarney have been campaigning for some time for a new town hall.The existing structure is said to be totally inadequate for the business of council. It`s claimed that it`s not suitable as a workplace or as a location to facilitate the public.Town Manager Tom Curran has now identified 6 potential sites for a new development to incorporate both town hall and civic centreThe Manager says he’s not in favour of refurbishing the existing building for a number of reasons including the fact that there’s a preservation order on the front facade and no room to expand the car park In a report presented to cllrs Tom Curran said the most suitable site for a new building is the high street car park as it`s centrally located.The project is to be self-financing with the money raised from the sale of the existing town hall being used to finance the new building. A decision on the town hall is expected to be made at next month’s meeting of the council.