Killarney Town Council to spend over three hundred thousand euro on roads

Three hundred and ten thousand euro will be spent by Killarney Town Council on improving road works in the town. Despite objections from Councillors, it was decided to allow funding of 15,000 euro go toward the resurfacing of the road outside Fitzgerald Stadium. Cllr Sean O Grady told the Chamber that the needs of roads improvements in residential areas is greater than that of the road at Fitzgerald Stadium.He proposed that traffic calming measures be put in at Bridgefield and a road at the rear of Ballycasheen Terrace be re dressed and that funding for the stadium road by used to towards this. However councillors voted against the proposal by a majority of five votes to two. 12,000 euro that was earmarked for pinewood basketball court was halved and put towards ramps in the Bridgefield Estate instead. Meanwhile it was also decided that an allocation of 53,000 euro be used to upgrade the East Avenue road into the town. This was taken from funding for the Rookery Road which was left with 5,000 euro.