Killarney Town Council to spend €11,000,000 on services

Killarney Town Council will spend over 11 million euro this year on the provision of services. The single biggest spend will be on the county charge which is just over 2.7 million euro an increase of 8.3% on 2004. This charge covers a variety of services including, housing, Travellers accommodation, roads and public lighting. Mayor Brian O Leary opened last nights annual budget meeting by proposing that the town council contribute 5000 euro towards the Asian tsunami disaster. This was unanimously agreed. An increase of 6% was proposed on commercial rates, however this was reduced to 5% after a number of objections. The one percent decrease was recouped by reducing the amounts set aside for a number of services, including taking 20,000 euro from Killarney 250 and 10,000 euro from parking fees. There is also an increase in the refuse collection service the town councils other main source of income. The standing charge will increase by 10 euro to 140 and there will be a 2 cent increase per kilogram amounting to 19 cent.