Killarney Town Council gives the go-ahead to new test centre

A controversial new driving test centre in Killarney has gotten the go-ahead from the town council. The centre is to be located at the racecourse on Ross Road and has been objected to by a number of parties. The Killarney Racecourse company plans to locate a driving test centre in its grounds at Ross Road. It applied to Killarney Town Council for permission and has now gotten the go-ahead for a temporary period of 2 years. The centre will then have to reapply for permission, if they don’t the development will be dismantled and removed. The decision comes despite the fact that the council received a number of objections from the jarveys, some Ross Road residents and 2 independent town Cllrs. Pat O`Sullivan of the jarvey association says he’s concerned that the centre will add traffic to an area that’s already extremely busy. While Taisce say that a commercial activity is not a suitable development for what’s an amenity area. It’s understood that the objectors are now considering their position and will take a decision in the next week or so on whether or not to appeal the Town Council’s decision to an Board Pleanala.