Killarney takes part in Heritage Council and partners’ health check programme

Killarney is taking part in the Heritage Council and partners’ collaborative Town Centre Health Check Training Programme.

It aims to raise awareness, understanding and appreciation of the critical role that town centres play and the impact they have on the quality of life for citizens and visitors

Representatives from Kerry County Council, Killarney Chamber of Tourism and Commerce and the IT Tralee have begun work on the process with a view to achieving a number of goals in the coming months.

A number of surveys will be conducted of businesses and the public in the town centre in the coming weeks; these will include behaviour and attitudes of shoppers, business owners’ perceptions, footfall and land use.

Members of the public and business owners are encouraged to participate and give their views in an attempt to shape town centre and strengthen it for the future by making it an attractive place to work, live and visit.

The results are expected in early 2020 and the findings will inform strategies for the future development of the town.