Killarney student wins Hugh O Flaherty poetry competition

A Killarney student has won an award for her poem which encourages people to be more like Monsignor Hugh O Flaherty.

Sarah McGrath, a student at St Brigid’s Secondary School Killarney, has been named the winner of the 2019 Hugh O Flaherty poetry competition, which is for second level schools.

Her poem, entitled Like Hugh O Flaherty, encourages everyone to talk about his humanitarian principles and to be more like him when dealing with others.

The Hugh O Flaherty Memorial Society has decided to reduce its programme of events for the foreseeable future, which will see the annual memorial weekends cease.

However, it will continue to organise the literary competitions for schools.


Like Hugh O Flaherty BY Sarah McGrath

Let’s talk about humanitarian principles and practices,

How these should be a part of all communities.

A real humanitarian shows love and respect,

To rich and to poor, to everybody.

They try their utmost to support and serve others,

To promote and bring about sincere altruism.

Violence is immoral, discrimination unnecessary.

It’s all wrong, homophobia and racism.

This segregation can be silenced, abolished – no more.

All we need is some courage and kindness.

To be like Hugh O Flaherty and celebrate diversity,

Just seek your inner humanitarian!