Killarney National Park one of Ireland’s top five locations for a day out

Killarney National Park has been named as one of Ireland’s top five locations for a day out. Red Deer Stag at Killarney National Park. Photograph taken by John Delea of the Wild Deer Association. Judges in the Irish Times Best Day Out competition described Killarney National Park as the Mona Lisa of Irish attractions because it’s well known. They say people may think they know what it’s about, but should look at it with a fresh eye, saying it’s the most scenic, most historic, most accessible, most varied, most taxing and most relaxing tourist district. The north Antrim coast, The Barrow Way in Carlow, the Big Day Out in Leitrim and Clare Island Adventures complete the top five days out in Ireland. The overall winner will be announced on Saturday June 27th.