Killarney father claims accused pair threatened to “come back with guns” following issue of death threat

A Killarney father claims an accused pair threatened to “come back with guns” following the issue of a death threat.

Daniel O’Brien of 22 Hazelwood Drive, Ballyspillane, Killarney was giving evidence during the trial of 39-year-old Danny Harty of 61 Pinewood Estate, Killarney and 32-year-old Patrick Harty of 2 Feale Drive, Listowel.

The men are facing seven charges each, including trespassing offences, producing an iron bar in the course of a dispute and making a threat to kill.

Daniel O’Brien told the court he was outside his home in Ballyspillane with his nephew, oldest son and two daughters when the accused men pulled up outside.

He said he ran into the house with his infant daughter in his arms in an attempt to flee from the Harty brothers, who he claims were carrying bars.

Mr O’Brien claimed he was holding his daughter in one arm and keeping the door closed from the accused men with the other arm.

He added that later on the same day at a nearby location the two Harty brothers again confronted him; it’s alleged they were roaring and shouting, “You’re done, we’re gonna get you,” which was followed by a threat to “come back with guns and blow your head off.”

Barrister for Danny Harty, Brian McInerney, put it to Mr O’Brien that he erred in his statement to gardaí when he said both men had iron bars in their possession; Mr O’Brien said he could only remember Patrick Harty having a bar and it’s something he clarified later in his garda statement.

The trial continues.