Killarney District Court hears cases arising from Ballyspillane feud

A special sitting of Killarney District Court has heard allegations of assault, threats, dangerous driving, public order and firearms offences as part of an ongoing feud in the town.

Judge David Waters heard cases arising from the ongoing feud between several families in the Ballyspillane estate in the town.

The court heard the feud is ongoing for 18 months now with tit-for-tat incidents including all kinds of threats made between families; one witness admitted nobody is completely faultless and another described it as a nightmare.

There were 12 defendants, nine of whom were women, before the court, relating to 39 charges.

Some of the alleged incidents took place in front of children and one involved a large group of women shouting and roaring at each other in a supermarket carpark.

CCTV footage was shown to the court including from cameras installed in homes in Ballyspillane by the residents; the court heard a claim that it has got to a point where people need to wear CCTV around their neck to walk around the area.

Judge David Waters dismissed one case as he told the court he didn’t believe any of the three people who gave evidence.

29-year-old James Casey of 13 Hazelwood Drive was convicted of dangerous driving in Ballyspillane on March 27th last; he was fined €300 and disqualified from driving for two years.

Mr Casey was also found guilty of calling Lisa Long “a fat smell” and threatening to burn her at a petrol station on July 5th last; he was fined €350.

Mr Casey intends to appeal both convictions.

40-year-old Margaret Harrington of Hilltop Upper, Ballycasheen Heights was found guilty of assaulting Margaret Avanzo causing her harm at Upper Park Road on August 31st 2018.

32-year-old Bridget Casey of 13 Hazelwood Drive was found guilty of assaulting Bridget O’Brien and Lisa Long on Halloween night last year in Ballyspillane; Mrs Casey intends to appeal both convictions.

Ms Casey’s sister 35 year-old Vera Dooley of 149 Ballyspillane was found guilty of assaulting Margaret Harrington during the same incident.

Sentencing in these cases has been adjourned.

The remainder of the cases were also adjourned to December 17th when another special court date will be set for January to deal with the outstanding matters.