Killarney cumann of Fianna Fáil meeting to discuss election strategy

Three Fianna Fail councillors seeking a General Election nomination are asking party HQ to choose candidates representing the North and South of the county.

The Killarney cumann of the party will meet tonight to discuss party strategy for the next general election.

Members of the cumann will discuss should Fianna Fáil run two or three candidates, and if one of the candidates should be from the Killarney area.

It’s believed sitting Deputy John Brassil will be nominated to run for the party in the next general election, with up to six other candidates vying to be his running partner.

Cllr Michael Cahill says he hopes Fianna Fáil HQ will not repeat mistakes of the past; he believes all local members should decide on how many candidates run locally.

He believes South Kerry members should be allowed to pick a candidate for the area.

Councillor Norma Moriarty says one candidate will be elected at convention, and additions may be made thereafter.

She says this is not going to affect her own election strategy, and she’s meeting as many members as possible in the run-up to the convention.

Cllr Michael O’Shea, who was critical of HQ strategy during the 2016 General Election, says Fianna Fáil should take geography and population centres into account.

He claims Fianna Fáil must include a southern representative for the county, but the party must remember the vacuum left in the Killarney area two years ago.

The Fianna Fáil convention is expected to take place in the coming weeks.