Killarney Councillors vote to rezone McShane lands.

Cllrs in Killarney have voted to rezone the controversial McShane lands At last night’s meeting it was agreed to change the 5 acre site on Ross Road from amenity to residential to allow for 12 houses to be built on the fringe of the National Park. The rezoning of the McShane lands has proved extremely contentious for Killarney Town Council in recent months and even led to a walkout before ChristmasAt last night’s meeting cllrs were presented with different submissions that have been received during the public consultation phase. An Taisce, Ross Road residents, the Kerry Deer Society and the Department of the Environment all made submissions. At the meeting all of the 6 cllrs who had previously supported the rezoning stood by their decision. Cllr Pat F O`Connor questioned why some groups and state bodies had objected to the rezoning now when it was previously contained in the town plan He said this isn’t about either zoning or planning it`s about who controls Killarney Town Council and he believes there are very great powers at work, pressing buttons and working in the dark Mayor Michael Courtney who objected to the rezoning said it would be a very bad environmental decision and would create a precedent for other buffer zone areas around Killarney National Park.