Kilcummin parishioners request meeting with Bishop following loss of their resident parish priest

Photo by Jerry O'Sullivan.

Parishioners in Kilcummin are requesting a meeting with Bishop Ray Browne following the loss of their resident parish priest.

Last week, it was confirmed that Castlemaine and Kilcummin will no longer have a parish priest from July 17th.

Hundreds of people attended a public meeting last night and expressed their anger and disappointment that Kilcummin will be without a resident priest.

The parishioners previously decided to stop paying into mass collections in protest.

Local councillor Marie Moloney says they are disappointed that Bishop Ray Browne wasn’t in attendance:



The Diocese of Kerry was represented Fr Ger Godley and moderator Fr Kieran O’Brien at the meeting.

Fr Godley says nobody wants to be in this position, but adds it is due to fewer vocations.

He says while Bishop Ray Browne didn’t attend last night’s meeting, he did meet with the parishioners previously and spoke at Mass in June.

Fr Godley says it is up to the Bishop to decide if he will meet the parishioners again, but adds the ways that such decisions are communicated needs to be looked at: