Kilarney taxi drivers criticised for failure to take passengers to rural areas

Taxi drivers in Killarney are being criticised for not taking passengers from the town to rural areas late at night. The matter has come to light after a Rathmore woman was asked to vacate a taxi in Killarney when she told the driver where she wanted to go. She said she had been out with friends, waited 50 minutes for a taxi and when she got one at 3.50am and said she wanted to go to Rathmore, the driver asked her to get out because he claimed he had another fare booked.The acting Vice-President of the National Taxi Drivers’ Union says every area has its own metre zone and taxi drivers are not obliged to take a passenger to a destination outside the zone. Margaret Nugent says the Taxi Regulator is to examine the procedures and she hopes a new system may be introduced in the future, compelling drivers to take passengers from urban to rural areas. But she says common sense should prevail.