Kerry’s cohabiting couples warned of the importance of knowing their legal rights

Kerry’s cohabiting couples – who don’t intend getting married in the future – are being advised to take a number of simple steps to safeguard their family’s future.

The warning comes from the Law Society of Ireland, which is offering legal advice to cohabitants, to ensure they don’t run into unforeseen legal problems.

There are currently 3,657 cohabiting couples in Kerry; 1,970 of which have children.

‘Cohabitants’ are defined as two adults living in a long-term, committed relationship, sharing expenses – but not in a legal union.

According to the most recent Census, the number of couples cohabiting in Ireland has risen by six percent since 2011 – but many are unsure of their legal rights.

Keith Walsh from the Law Society says there are basic steps that cohabitants can take, to safeguard their future – and the most important, is to make a will: