Kerry ETB to revise procurement procedures

Kerry ETB is to revise its compliance procedures following a report which found “material level of non-compliance with national procurement rules”.

The statement is included in a note to its 2016 financial statement by Controller and Auditor General Seamus McCarthy to the Oireachtas.

The areas where there was considered to be a lack of compliance with national procurement guidelines included transport, buses, cleaning, legal and recruitment services, school books, exam papers and canteen services.

The total value of the contracts involved was estimated at over €1m euro.

Kerry ETB has clarified that its practice had been to procure services, in accordance with its procurement policy and procedures, locally on an individual school and centre basis across the county.

It says that the main issues referenced relate to the running of individual rather than composite procurement competitions for the supply of goods and services – an example of which is local bus companies which in 2016 involved 26 locally based and geographically dispersed bus hire companies – rather than Kerry ETB procuring all such services centrally.

The ETB has confirmed that it will address all matters raised in 2018.