Kerry Vintners to meet to discuss smoking ban.

Vintners in the county are to meet next week to review the guidelines of the smoking ban recently sent out to them from the Department of Health. John O Sullivan, Chairman of the Kerry Association says they will decide on their position following the meeting. The Kerry Vintner`s Federation caused controversy around the country when they announced they would not be implementing the smoking ban, due to come into effect at the end of the month.Publicans in the county were sent out a list of guidelines from the Department of Health last week. Employers and pub owners in Kerry will be allowed a short period of grace before the full effects of the ban will be implemented. However if there is complete non compliance with the law then enforcement procedures including a fine of up to 3,000 euro will come into play.Meanwhile John O Sullivan and the Kerry vintners are distancing themselves from a campaign by a group of Kerry and Cork publicans and hotel managers who are distributing 800 smoking signs saying no smoking equals no fianna fail. It`s understood the group were doing so as members of the Vintner`s Federation. Despite the enforcement date at the end of the month, many firms around the country have become smoke free after Christmas.