Kerry property management company threatens to cut off water if tenants don’t register

The Kerry property management company behind a letter to tenants which threatens that their water would be cut off if they don’t register with Irish Water hasn’t yet commented on the matter. The tenants received correspondence from their management company which warned that they would have no option but to turn off tenants’ water supply if they hadn’t registered by the 8th of January. water from tap in a glass The letter asks tenants to print off a copy of their Irish Water registration and submit it to the office of the management company. The company has not responded to requests for a comment. Sinn Féin TD Martin Ferris has called on Irish Water to clarify that tenants water cannot be turned off in the manner suggested. One resident, Barry, who received the letter, says tenants can’t be forced to register with Irish Water: AUDIO: barryclip.wav [audio_player src=””]