Kerry Parents and Friends meet to discuss AIB overcharging

The Chief Executive of the Consumer Association of Ireland is advising people in the county to check their financial statements to ensure they are not being over charged by their banks. It follows revelations that AIB made a settlement of over 200 thousand euro with Kerry Parents and Friends after the charity was charged fees without notification Kerry Parents and Friends are meeting today to discuss the issue and a statement is expected later. Dermot Jewel of the consumer association says charities in particular are vulnerable as they depend on volunteers to monitor their finances. Speaking on this mornings Kerry Today he said it`s crucial that people check their statements.Meanwhile the Chief Executive of Kerry Parents and Friends is denying they were the victims of systematic overcharging by AIB. In a report in today`s Irish Times Tony Darmody says none of their twelve centres had to close because of any issue between them and AIB. Mr Darmody is also denying the charity is one point eight million euro in debt. Kerry Parents and Friends have been struggling to maintain all of its services in recent years after cut backs in its annual budget. AIB has rejected the allegations and says it enjoys good relations with the charity.