Kerry ‘very much down the list’ in terms of rail routes in peril of closure

By Walter Dendy, deceased, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Kerry is a key route ‘very much down the list’ in terms of rail routes which may be considered for closure in the future.

That’s according to Mark Gleeson of Rail Users Ireland, responding to claims some undersubscribed routes may be in peril of closing.

A report published has outlined a 460-million-euro shortfall in terms of rail funding – a ‘nuclear’ option suggested was that certain ‘lightly used’ lines may close.

Mr Gleeson however said he’d be ‘shocked’ if the Kerry route were closed as trains in the region were ‘packed’ and if anything, more capacity was needed.

The route he said recorded it’s highest every passenger numbers and routes along the western corridor are more likely to be affected: