Kerry MEP says the EU yet to decide if grants will be given to small business

By Sébastien Bertrand ( [CC BY 2.0 ( or CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

A Kerry MEP says the EU has yet to decide if grants will be provided to small businesses impacted by COVID-19.

Fine Gael MEP Sean Kelly says, despite the European Union being criticized by some member states, it’s already provided €250 billion to businesses through low-interest loans.

He says there is talk of a program similar to the Marshall Plan: also known as the European Recovery Program, this US program provided aid to Western Europe following the devastation of the Second World War.

Sean Kelly says the EU is currently trying to lessen the strain on public health systems, however, in time, it will focus fully on an economic recovery plan.

The Kilcummin man says it is vital companies don’t go under during the COVID-19 crisis.