Kerry independent deputies defend printing of calendars using Dáil facilities

TD calendars are a useful way to circulate contact details and people like to get a calendar at Christmas.

That’s according to Kerry Independent deputies Michael Healy Rae and Danny Healy Rae, who were responding to a report in today’s Irish Independent on the number of calendars printed by TDs using Dáil facilities.

According to the report, Deputy Michael Healy Rae had 7,500 calendars printed while his brother Danny Healy Rae printed 6,200 calendars and cards for constituents.

Kerry Independent TD Michael Healy Rae said he publishes a calendar for his constituents every year like his father Jackie did before him.

He said these calendars are a good way of making sure constituents have all of his contact details to hand, including telephone and email.

Michael’s brother, fellow Kerry TD Danny Healy Rae, described the calendars as ‘a looser way of keeping in touch’.

He said constituents like to get a calendar this time of year, that the facility is there for TDs to use, and he’s glad to be able to give them out.

Danny Healy Rae said the calendars also contains contact information and emails for his children, Independent Kerry County Councillors Johnny and Máire Healy Rae to ensure people can make contact.

The Irish Independent report also cited Fianna Fáil Senator Mark Daly who reportedly had 5,000 calendars printed using Dáil facilities.