Kerry IFA wants more action in relation to hare lurching

The IFA in Kerry wants more action to be taken in relation to hare lurching.

Chair of Kerry IFA Pat O’Driscoll spoke at the recent Joint Policing Committee meeting on the issue of trespassing and criminal damage offences being committed in the course of catching hares.

He is asking for more co-ordination between the IFA, landowners and the gardaí in relation to it.

Pat O’Driscoll says he’s received complaints from landowners, especially in North Kerry, about people coming onto their lands without permission.

He says an initiative in Dublin has helped to combat the problem, and he asked the JPC to take guidance from the success of that project.

Mr O’Driscoll adds that landowners are being intimidated by people coming onto their lands for the purpose of lurching and, in some cases, the visit is being used as a scouting exercise for ulterior purposes.

In response, Superintendent Dan Keane says more reporting of alleged offences is required; he believes the level of reporting is too low and the strength of evidence is insufficient at times.

He admits there is no category on the garda PULSE system to categorise illegal lurching, however, offences are recorded under criminal damage or trespassing.