Kerry has lowest conviction rate of drink driving

A road traffic law specialist says solicitors have as many as 60 technicalities to use to escape drink driving convictions. Cars parked on Denny Street car park According to figures released by the Department of Justice, only 40 per cent of drink driving cases before the District Courts since January 2013 have resulted in convictions – with the rate dropping to 28 per cent in the first five months of this year. The statistics in this morning’s Irish Times show that Kerry courts had the lowest conviction rate at 28 per cent – while Offaly had the highest at 68 per cent. Evan O’Dwyer of O’Dwyer Solicitors in Co Mayo says Gardaí have a process of 50 or 60 hurdles to get through before a conviction can be successful. He says that makes it simple for experienced defence solicitors to challenge cases: [audio_player src=””]