Kerry Group Ras Mumhan Victory For Conor Hennebry

Conor Hennebry is the 2018 Kerry Group Ras Mumhan winner.

The event has concluded in Killorglin.

Padraig Harnett reports

Padraig Harnett has been speaking with the Ras winner

With a review of how the Kerry riders fared here’s Padraig Harnett

Stage Four-Killorglin/Killorglin, 115kms
1-J. Ottenbros (West Fisa), 2hrs.28mins.12secs;
2-A. Lurhs (Ribble (Pro Cycling Team), same time;
3-C. Murnane (UCD), st;
4-R. Maes (Killarney CC), st;
5-M. Clarke (Geraghty’s-Cor Droma Ruisc), st;
6-F. Ryan (Leinster), st.

1-C. Hennebry (Viner/Caremark/Pactimo), 11hrs.51mins.25secs;
2-T. Atkins (Active Racing Team), @2secs;
3-S. McKenna (Team Ireland Development Squad), @4secs;
4-M. Garthwaite (Geraghty’s-Cor Droma Ruisc), same time;
5-C. McDunphy (Team Ireland Development Squad),@9secs;
6-D. Trulock (Team Ireland Development Squad), @16 secs


Mountains-P. Lavery ((Strata3 Velorevolution.
Under 23-McDunphy.