Kerry Gardaí reiterate they are not focusing on early-morning drink driving checkpoints

Gardaí in Kerry have reiterated they are not focusing on early-morning drink driving checkpoints.

The issue was raised at the recent Joint Policing Committee meeting, where Garda Inspector Tony Sugrue spoke about road deaths and the prevalence of drink driving in the county.

Inspector Tony Sugrue spoke on the number of road traffic deaths in the county over the past number of years; he says, while there has been a decrease, too many people are dying on the county’s roads.

In relation to checkpoints, he says the number of morning checkpoints are down, however, general checkpoints have increased in frequency.

The number of drivers arrested for drug driving has increased dramatically, up to 21 in the first three months from last year’s figure of 5.

The inspector says the 16% increase in drink driving detections over the first quarter of this year is worrying, as is the age profile of those being caught; the majority of drivers are under 40 years of age.

Inspector Sugrue says gardaí are not targeting people driving to work, but people driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.