Kerry Garda Division to highlight need for wellbeing policy

The Kerry Garda Division will highlight the need to implement a wellbeing policy at the Garda Representative Association in Killarney today.

Delegates will attend the conference, which is taking place throughout today and tomorrow.

Several issues surrounding welfare, allowances and conditions and health and safety will be discussed.

A range of motions will be discussed at today’s event, including one relating to the welfare of members which will be raised jointly by the Kerry and Tipperary divisions.

The motion notes the startling results of the Garda Representative Association Wellbeing Survey which showed high levels of PTSD within the membership.

The current lack of a Wellbeing Policy and insufficient counselling service are also mentioned as part of the motion which will be discussed at today’s event.

It also calls on the Garda Commissioner to roll out a wellbeing policy for all members, adding that the first counselling session be compulsory for each member attending traumatic incidents.

The Garda Representative Association conference will officially open at 10 o’clock this morning and will continue until tomorrow.