Kerry Fianna Fáil senator calls on Minister Ross to sign a ministerial order for organ donors

A Kerry senator says lives could be saved if Minister Ross signed an order for organ donors.

Fianna Fáil Senator Mark Daly is calling on Minister Shane Ross to sign a ministerial order to allow medical professionals access to driving licence details.

Senator Daly says Minister Ross has the opportunity to save lives by doing so.

Figures from the Irish Kidney Association reveal that almost one million people have indicated that they want to be an organ donor on their driving licences – however, under the current system medical professionals do not have access to that information.

Following the launch of Organ Donor Awareness Week, Senator Daly says this order would provide a great boost to organ donors, recipients, volunteers and campaigners.

The Kerry Fianna Fáil senator wants to know why the Minister is refusing to sign such an order, given that he has already signed similar ones.

The Minister has cited Brexit and data protection as reasons for him not signing it, but Senator Mark Daly says this doesn’t add up when private operators have been allowed access to this very same information.

He says we are talking about life and death, and is urging Minister Ross to realise the life changing impact this simple legislative change would make.