Kerry Fianna Fáil politicians calling for halt 23% VAT increase on food supplements

Kerry Fianna Fáil representatives are calling on the Finance Minister to halt a 23% VAT increase on food supplements.

Fianna Fáil TD John Brassil and councillor Norma Moriarty say the tax hike is premature, will penalise families and could cost jobs.

They want to see the increase halted until a review by the Tax Strategy Group has been completed.

The tax hike is due to be introduced from March 1st and the Kerry politicians believe it will push food supplements out of reach for many families.

They want it to be halted until a review by the Tax Strategy Group has been completed and has issued recommendations.

Councillor Norma Moriarty says she has grave concerns about the impact this substantial tax increase will have on individuals, families and businesses.

Deputy John Brassil says this VAT hike would see the cost of the supplements jump by more than €7 a month, which he believes would make it unaffordable for many people.

Both representatives say people take such supplements in a bid to live healthier lives, and any increase in the cost could see people forced to give them up.

The Tax Strategy Group review is due to be published in the summer.