Kerry Emigrants to return home on holiday

Up to 45 Kerry people living in vulnerable circumstances in the UK are being brought to the county each year as part of a unique community project. The Kerry Emigrant Support Group has set up a network that allows emigrants to come home for a short holiday to look at the feasibility of moving back permanently. The Kerry Emigrant Support Group has just received a cash injection of 10,000 euro towards the cost of next year`s trip home for 45 people. Participants are selected through the network of Irish centres in cities across the UK.They are brought to North Kerry for a week in March and allowed to relax and reacquaint themselves with the area. This year an open day will be held with representatives from Social Welfare, The Council and other state agencies offering support to those who may want to return home. So far up to 50 people have moved back to Ireland as part of the project, this figure includes a number of families. The overall cost of the trip is 15,000 euro and it`s offered free of charge to Kerry natives who have fallen on hard times in the UK.