Kerry During Covid – June 27th, 2020

On the Saturday Supplement from 9am with Joe McGill we have a weekly feature called ‘Kerry during Covid 19’ with renowned photographer Domnick Walsh. Domnick is keeping a photo diary of Kerry during COVID 19 and each week he’ll describe one photo he has taken during the crisis and the story behind it.

This week, we talk about the stories behind these two photos Domnick took during the week:

We’re also looking for your ‘Kerry during Covid 19’ pics and the story behind them. You can email them to [email protected] Each week we will choose a pic of the week to post after the programme.

Some of the photo’s you’ve sent into us over the last week.

Here is my picture from last Sunday up the beautiful Gap of Dunloe, my son Cillian loves birds, and nature in general, here he pictured up the beautiful black valley.he is delighted to be able to travel outside of his area exploring. Love the show especially Dominic Walsh photos section.Thanks Kate

The road way to heaven – From Aidan O’Grady

I took these from my kitchen window, firstly the mother was feeding the bird and then it was as if she called to say come over here for tour food, I’ll have a shorter distance to fly. The bird came to the wall. I was amazed. Mary MacArthur.

A novel idea by brother and sister Micheal and Donna Devane Portmagee ‘Devane cafe’ ☕🧁(The van cafe) From Lisa Kelly

Denis and Michaela McAuliffe from Brosna in Reacashla bog ,(Coolegrean Windfarm turbines in bottom left of photo) – Mike McAuliffe

Please find attached a recent image of dangerously crowded beaches, after the easing of restrictions, in Camp on the road to Dingle ! We came across this wonderful scene the week before last when I brought the kids for an evening swim after I finished work. – Ger O’Mahony

I took this photo of St.Johns church early one morning in April. The 5km restrictions were still in place, and I took a chance going in to town early one morning to take a few photos.

Right after taking this photo a Garda car approached me and asked what I was doing, I explained that I wanted to take a few photos during the lock-down just to have for the future, the Guard told me that he saw no logic to that, then he told me to go home! – From Breda Canty

Here is another photo I took during lock-down, this time it was in May, so the 5 km restrictions went to 10km.  I took this photo back at Ballyheigue pier. I don’t know this man, he just pulled up in his car and got out to look at the sea, there was a bit of a storm blowing the same day. – Breda Canty