Kerry During Covid – August 1st, 2020

On the Saturday Supplement from 9am with Joe McGill we have a weekly feature called ‘Kerry during Covid 19’ with renowned photographer Domnick Walsh. Domnick is keeping a photo diary of Kerry during COVID 19 and each week he’ll describe one photo he has taken during the crisis and the story behind it.

This week, we talk about the stories behind these two photos Domnick took during the week:

Here’s the photo’s you’ve been sending us:

Local RNLI going through their paces in Ballyheigue last Sunday… James in Causeway

Attached is a photo taken in Killorglin last Wednesday week after an outing to Killarney.  The kids brought home a surprise to Mom and Dad from the outing.  As you can see Mom and Dad were thrilled. Name of the Photo ” What’s in the Bag?” Thank you, Margaret O’Shea

Patrick Pierse,Ballyduff who’s vintage car a Ford model T made in 1919 and imported from Montana won the best original prize at the Abbeydorney vintage rally on Sunday.Photo Moss Joe Browne.

Angel cloud over Ballyheigue, the rock in the bay (Muchullach) and a bicycle in Causeway village… James in Causeway

Here we see two beautiful little girls, Saoirse, the elder, and a DUB, teaching our little grandaughter, Myah, purebred Kerry, the fine art of Social Distancing!!! The beauty of innocence!!! 💕💚💛💕 Chris Bulman in Causeway!

Fun in the Sun. Big bro taking his two sisters for a spin. Nora.

My name is Kara O Flaherty. I want to send this picture.  Here’s a little background info to the picture.

My son Ryan celebrated his 10th birthday last weekend. Ryan is sitting in the second row.. 3rd from the right.

We didn’t have the usual big birthday party given these strange times. So we decided to stay outdoors and
we went to castlegregory last Sunday with some of his friends. They did the water activities with the inflatables.

When they had changed after the water sports we were all down on the beach. I was given all the kids popcorn and drinks and a few treats . They were playing about. I said to them.. “Come on boys I must take a group picture… Will ye sit up there on the rocks” and I started calling them saying “come on boys hop up there” .. So they all started to hop up and take their places.. There was laughs and giggles and they were calling each other to sit down. Then I heard my daughter leah who is 4… Say.. “Me too mom me too… Can I go in” . And I spot her trying to climb up on the rocks too, as good as the rest of them!!! And she turned and said down to me.. “Can I go in too mom.. I want to be one of the boys too” !!!

So here it is.. 9 men and a little lady!!!! They all had an absolute ball. Thank you. Stay safe and well. I love your show and listen to Domnick every week. Regards, Kara O Flaherty

‘Bonding at the bog’ Hello Joe, Here is a picture of my family at the bog. 3 generations heaping turf, telling stories and having great crack. You can’t beat it Thanks, Jennifer

I hope all is well with you. I do enjoy your Saturday programme even though
I don’t always get to hear it.  I’m attaching a photo for your Saturday
Supplement show.  I think it sums up our world in 2020 – Our world turned
upside down. I took it at Banna Beach. Keep safe, Kay O’Leary, Lyreacrompane


From Siobhan Hennessy, Rosie and Biddie social distancing mother and daughter in the sunshine.

Anyone for a swim? Taken in Fenit. By William T. Heaslip

Here is a photo of our 2 doga on Banna Strand last weekend. Kind regards Norma O’Keeffe Barrow.

Took this last Saturday and didn’t realise till after I looked at it that there was birds in the area.. James in Causeway

From Timothy Guiheen

Baby Robin taking a bath whilst Mama Robin looks on… James in Causeway

Photo taken at Dunquin Pier of boats coming from the Blasket Island with passengers.
Marlyn McCarthy, Causeway

My daughter, aged 1, checking on the cattle for her grandad during the week. My mother is a huge fan of the show and wanted me to send this in. Joanne Nelligan