Kerry County Council reviewing policy on revealing houses it’s bought

Cllr for Kerry County Council Jimmy Moloney (FF) Photo By : Domnick Walsh / Eye Focus LTD ©

Kerry County Council is reviewing its policy on revealing details about houses it’s bought. 

Fianna Fáil Cllr Jimmy Moloney raised the issue at the recent Listowel Municipal District meeting, asking how many houses have been purchased in the MD this year and at what locations. 

He says people are constantly asking councillors to confirm if the local authority has bought houses in the locality, but they’re not being told when they enquire off the council, even though it’s public money.

Kerry County Council says they’ve completed six housing purchases in the Listowel MD in 2017, and a further 12 are being progressed. 

It’s council policy not to disclose the locations of purchases for commercial reasons until the house is being allocated to a person on the housing waiting list, but this is currently under review.