Kerry County Council looking into use of Round-Up and examining possible alternatives

Kerry County Council is looking into the use of Round-Up weed killer and examining possible alternatives for use.

At a recent meeting it was decided a committee would look into the use of the weed killer.

Kerry County Council’s investigation into the use of Round-Up follows a case in California involving a groundskeeper who regularly used the weed killer and later developed non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

The court ordered the terminally ill man be paid-out of 289 million dollars.

At a recent council meeting it was decided the Quality of Life Strategic Policy Committee would research how other European cities have moved away from the use of Round-up.

They will also look at the practical alternatives to controlling weed growth.

The group will prepare a report for Kerry County Council on the matter.

A spokesperson for Kerry County Council says the EU Commission has recently sanctioned the use of Round-Up as a weed killer for the next five years.