Kerry County Council accused of succumbing to pressure from HSE

Kerry County Council is being accused of succumbing to pressure from the HSE.

That’s according to Inform Parents, a group which says it wants parents to have all the information on the Gardasil HPV cancer vaccine before they make a decision; they say they’re not anti the vaccine.

The group recently started a billboard campaign about the HPV vaccine in Kerry.

Aengus O’Leary from the group says they were given permission by Kerry County Council to erect the signs for four weeks.

He says, however, that the Roads Enforcement Officer contacted him telling him to take down the signs two weeks earlier than the permission states; the signs were then removed by the council.

Mr O’Leary wants to know why the council reneged on the original permission, and if there was pressure to do so from outside bodies.

Meanwhile Kerry County Council says it allowed the erection of these signs by Inform Parents on the 21st of August, but says they didn’t meet the criteria for such signage and had to be removed.

They say the decision to remove these signs was taken by Kerry County Council alone, and without the influence of any outside agency.