Kerry councillor calls for reform of structure relating to insurance pay-outs

Cllr for Kerry County Council Brendan Cronin (IND) Photo By : Domnick Walsh / Eye Focus LTD ©

A Kerry councillor is calling for a reform of the structure relating to insurance pay-outs.

Councillor Brendan Cronin was responding to the high costs paid out in claims against Kerry County Council.

He raised the issue at the monthly meeting of Kerry County Council.

Cllr Brendan Cronin requested the full details of all insurance claims made against Kerry County Council over a 12-month period, until July 1st, 2018.

During that time, a total of €2.494 million was paid out by the Irish Public Bodies Insurance for claims made against the council.

€1.67 million was paid out relating to trips and falls, while over €662,220 was for road related incidents and over €24,679 relates to flooding claims.

Mr Cronin says the figures are very high in comparison to other countries, and he is calling for the structure to be reformed.

CEO of Kerry County Council Moira Murrell told Cllr Cronin the number of claims has decreased since an insurance unit, set up to investigate all claims, was established.

She says all claims are examined and taken very seriously, but added that there will always be bogus claims.